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    1. HTS在業內擁有良好的口碑,源于我們對產品品質的不懈追求。HTS注重每一個生產細節,為把好品質源頭關,加工原料均采用經過嚴格檢測的鋼材,配備有近1000平米的原料倉庫,原料儲備充足,為滿足害戶需求。保證交期提供了有力保障。

      HTS引進了行業領先的日本高精度復合加工中心YASDA、曰本三井高精度坐標磨床、曰本沙迪克高精度慢走絲,曰本大宮無心磨,數控龍門加工中心以及五軸聯動深孔機等先進設備,YASDA復合 加工中心的加工糖度可達0.001mm ,能夠確保零件加工糖度和產品品質。

      HTS has good reputation in the field due to our focus on the products details. HTS pays attention to each details in production. Our processing materials is sleel with strict inspections and testing, which can guarantee the source of products. Our company also has a special material warehouse covering 1000 square meters with full stores and reservations, which guarantees customers requirements and on-time delivery date.

      YADSA high speed CNC machine has machining precision of 0.001mm to ensure parts processing precision and products quality.


      HTS與蘇州大學、上海理工大學等多家研究機構長期合作,建立聯合實驗室,促進技術創新,HTS擁有高素質的研發隊伍,其中本科學歷的研發人員占70% ,五年以上熱流道設計經驗的人員占80%。公司具備2D、3D設計開發軟件和橫流分析系統,能夠為模具量身提供熱流道系統方案。


      HTS R&D department work closely with Suzhou university.shanghai technology university, 80%of staff from mold design department have more than 5years hot runner design experience, get approval from top customers.The company has 2D, 3D design software and mould flow analysis system, which can provide the best plans of hot runner system for mould.



      Adhere to the scientific and technological innovation, HTS through invest in R&D and cultivation of talents ,now HTS have more than 400 intellectual property right items.